Getting Started

Getting Started

Choosing your new kitchen might be overwhelming but we will explain everything step by step and help you to move forward.

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Choosing the look and style of your cabinet are obviously one of the most important steps. This is when you will be deciding on the very cabinets that will become a part of your home. The cabinet you choose will be in your kitchen for you to see, feel, and use for years to come. We carry different colors of shaker cabinet and as well as traditional raised-panel cabinetry.

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Getting measurements is the first step to getting that awesome kitchen you have always wanted. First bring in your own rough measurements of your kitchen. This will get the ball rolling and allow us to move on to other steps. Once you we receive all the details our cabinet designer will send you a rough quote, but remember that this quote will be finalized after the on-site measurement.
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Once you receive the quote, please thoroughly check the estimate and feel free to contact office if you have any questions. After that the next step will be schedule an appointment with our cabinet designer. During the 1 on 1 consultation you can add your ideas and get various recommendations. Also, it helps you to plan your schedule and budget.

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Once all the planning and designing of your new kitchen is done we will move on to the installation. We will send out a team of professional cabinet installers. They will come to your house with their tools and will install the cabinets. If you purchased countertops from us, please expect to see a second crew to install the countertops. Our installers are fast and courteous; most jobs take two to three days to install. They will treat you and your home with respect while they work diligently to create the wonderful kitchen that you and your designer worked so hard.

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Afterwards, our installers will carefully vacuum the cabinets inside and out. You won’t find odd deposits of dirt and sawdust in the corners of your new cabinets. Our crew will also wipe down all the cabinets and remove all the trash and cardboard that inevitably accumulates during installation. Your home will be clean and your kitchen will be beautiful. You can then inspect your new kitchen and see the quality of the cabinets in your own home.

measure your kitchen space in 7 easy steps

1. Make a rough drawing of the shape of the room. Represent each wall, door, and window.

2. Measure from the floor to the ceiling.

3. Measure each wall section and record on the drawing. (A wall section is from one corner to a door way or window.) 

4. Measure each door and window; don’t forget to indicate on your sketch how each door swings. NOTE: windows and doors are measured from outside edge to outside edge of casing or trim. 

5. Mark the locations of where the appliances will go, be sure to record the dimensions of each appliance. Start by measuring the Width, Height, and Depth. 

6. Mark on your sketch, the exact location of the sink, water & gas lines. Be sure to measure to the center of these & not the edge. 

7. Add up all dimensions on each wall and verify that the total is equal to the total wall dimension listed on the chart. (If not, re-measure!) Double check your work. These measurements must be correct for your new cabinetry to fit correctly.

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